By Henry Adjei Kwarteng

After finishing my experience with South Bronx United last June, I went to Albany, New York to continue my education and soccer career at Sage College.  My first semester in college didn’t go the way I had planned.

I went to school early because of the soccer season.  I had trained so hard in the summer to play college soccer. I was ready to play and planned to do everything I could to make the team.  I was among twenty freshman soccer players who came for the tryout, which means that there was not enough space for everybody.

As it turned out, my first training session became one of my worst days on the field ever.  My ankle was injured by my teammate. It happen during practice, I was running with the ball at a fast pace and he came to slide tackle me.  At first, it did not seem too serious, and I continued practicing because I really wanted to play.

The next day the athletic trainer told me I could not play for months. Because I wanted to make the roster, I did not tell my coach and went on to practice the next day.  That is when things got worse. My injury worsened and my coach told me I would be out for rest of the season because of my injury.  This was devastating. As time went on, I could not walk. I had to go to the hospital and the athletic trainer almost every day.

On the positive side, I realized that soccer was not everything.  Apart from not playing soccer, my semester went great.  I had a chance to meet new friends and my classes went great.  The only difficult class was Chemistry. As time went on, I was able to understand everything and my grades in that class were very good.  My average grade in my Chemistry started around 60 percent, but with hard work and regular reading, it increased to 80 percent.

Overall, I adapted to college life easily.  College is a fun place to be.  It is hard work but in the end it helps you develop. College helped me prepare for the future in terms of work experience, communication, getting to meet different people, and learning a lot about different cultures.  Sage College helps you get the whole college experience. I really like my school because of the help and support they give me in, and even outside class. Tutoring section also helps me a lot. Sage reminds me of South Bronx United, because SBU gave me the same help as Sage is giving me.  What I have learned is that, I need to be myself and stay strong in whatever I believe in.  Nobody can be better that me.  The only person who can be better than me is myself.

This semester is already better than my first.  I am already thinking of next year, when I am hoping to come out strong and make the soccer team. I know I can be better with practice and hard work. In my academics, I will continue to work hard to excel in all my classes. I am always looking forward to the future and my next semester in college. I always want to do my best and prove people wrong.