Thoughts from SBU Summer Soccer Scholars:

My name is Musa Konteh. I’m 15 years-old and a freshman at Green Dot New York Charter School. This year’s Summer Scholars had a lot of great classes. Those classes include History of Sport, Speech and Debate, Creative Writing, Media, and Making Proud Choices. My favorite class was Media. The reason why media was my favorite is because this was the class I learned a lot of information from that I never knew or never thought was possible.  Media makes a war in your mind. What I mean about this is that the media tells us alot of different things at once. When one source of media is telling you to do one thing, another source is telling you the opposite. Another way that media makes a war in your mind is by convincing you to do the wrong thing when you know what’s right.

My name is Mariela Cipriano, when I found out that we were going to take this class I was confused because I didn’t know what Media was. This class was very fun and interesting because I learned new things that I didn’t know at all. I thought that this class would be all about technology but it was about tv shows and videos. This class changed my perspective about almost everything. Last but not least this was a good experience.

Media: one word that affects people all around the world whether you know it or not. Most of television is one-sided.  You see things that tease or mock another race. Nowadays kids are getting brainwashed and the parents really can’t do anything because television is mostly about making money and somehow can even slip things kids shouldn’t be watching or hearing

– Kevin Flores and Jeffrey Cordova