SBU Academy student FIFA champion, Carlos Garcia, said he was apprehensive going into the marquee round of the SBU Summer 2020 FIFA Tournament Finals, where he will join a special guest and two others in the Playstation 4 Final Four.

“Well, I actually am a little nervous. I haven’t played in competitive FIFA tournaments in about two years,” Garcia said in a Zoom interview Sunday.

“Felt pretty good to win the student one, but I feel like I should probably find ways to improve before the final.” 

Garcia emerged victorious from a bracket of 16 SBU student-athletes to progress to the Playstation Final Four. 

Although Garcia has stuck with Borussia Dortmund throughout his FIFA career as they suit his counterattacking style, he has started to play with a different team in the SBU tournament to ensure success.

“My go-to team is usually Borussia Dortmund, but for the tournament I started to use Bayern Munich because I know they’re a high quality team in the game,” Garcia said.

Garcia has been playing FIFA for over 7 years, and credits an older cousin with his success.

“He always showed me ways to improve, and even to this day, he’s the only person I can’t beat. I would use what he did against me in games and I would apply it to my own playstyle, and that’s how I started to improve more and more,” Garcia said.

The Final Four matches will be streamed live at beginning at 11:00am EST, and will feature comic duo Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco (aka The Cooligans. The finals will be commentated by MSG broadcaster Shep Messing.

Viewers can tune in to South Bronx United’s live stream on Twitch as early as 10:00 AM EST with the Student-Alumni matchups. The SBU FIFA Playstation 4 Championship will air at 11:40 AM followed by the SBU FIFA XBox Championship at 12:00 PM.

Schedule: Saturday, August 22nd 

10:00 AM: Playstation 4 Semifinal #1 – Student-athlete (Carlos Garcia) vs. Alum

10:20 AM: XBox Semifinal #1 – Student-athlete vs. Alum 

11:00 AM: Playstation 4 Semifinal #2 – Supporter vs. Special Guest

11:20 AM: XBox Semi #2 – Supporter vs. The Cooligans 

11:40 AM: PS4 Finals – Commentary by Shep Messing

12:00 PM: XBox Finals – Commentary by Shep Messing