Zoom Interview with Mike Peña

As part of its SBU Summer FIFA Tournament coverage, the SBU Journalism Club interviewed tourney entrant Mike Peña. He has the unique distinction of being both an alumnus of South Bronx United and a member of the SBU Supporters Club Board. Mr. Peña joined the SBU Academy in 2010, and remained involved after graduating from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with an impressive set of degrees: a Master of Science in Quantitative Finance and a Double Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics with Minors in Finance and Management & Technology. Mr. Peña is now an analyst in Macro Credit Trading at Goldman Sachs where he focuses on opportunistic bond trading and portfolio management.

Mr. Peña took time out of his busy day at his work-from-home trading desk to join the Journalism Club via Zoom. The Journalism Club members peppered him with questions on his FIFA video gaming background, his background with South Bronx United, and the inspirations and challenges he has faced to get to where he is today.

Mr. Peña shared that his parents commitment to bringing him and his brother to this country and their own hard work at their jobs once they arrived helped motivate him. He faced challenges learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture when he arrived from Ecuador in high school, but he managed to excel in school and through South Bronx United had the opportunity to express himself and make social connections. He has remained supportive of the organization since they because he knows the value that it can bring for Bronx youth even today.

At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, located in Albany, New York, he didn’t initially expect to enter finance. But an internship inspired him to pursue job opportunities in the field leading to his current position at world renowned firm, Goldman Sachs.

This summer, however, his mind is perhaps most consumed by the SBU Summer FIFA Tournament. He has been trying to get in some practice in the evenings and weekends but isn’t too optimistic about making it to far in the tournament. Although his favorite team to watch is Real Madrid, Mr. Peña’s go-to team to play with on FIFA is Liverpool.

The Final Four will be streamed live via Twitch on Saturday August 22nd beginning at 10am. Make sure to catch the action at twitch.tv/southbronxunited. Tune in by 11 AM to also catch The Cooligans and former Women’s World Cup Player and Social Media influencer Melissa Ortiz competing in the action.

The SBU Journalism Club members who participated in this interview were: Ziane Delaney, Matthew Guiracocha, Samuel Longa, Javi Lopez, and Giselle Tapia.