Javi Lopez interviewed Supporters Club Board member and FIFA player, Josh Jagota. Throughout this interview, Josh and Javi discussed Josh’s experience with FIFA and SBU and his goals to stay connected and active and involved.

Javi: How many hours have you put into FIFA since signing up? Why you signed up? 

Josh: I’ve been frantically playing a practice game before each match to prepare. I signed up because it’s a great way to stay connected with the SBU community in these difficult times, and I’m a little too washed up to compete in any real sport so FIFA scratches the itch.  

Javi: Which team are you going to use and why are you going to use them? 

Josh: I’ve been alternating since it’s not the same Brazil team as before, but for now, I’m going with Liverpool 

Javi: What do you bring to SBU? What would you want to change to get SBU better?

Josh: SBU has been an awesome and fun community for me to be a part of since I graduated from college. I bring my passion not only for soccer, but for all of the social change, advocacy, and educational programs that SBU promotes to the group. I hope to help SBU continue to grow its outreach and expand into different geographical areas over time. 

Tune in on August 22nd at 11:00 am EST at twitch.tv/southbronxunited to watch the SBU FIFA Finals!