Most kids, when they are little, wish they could be homeschooled. I used to think the same until March 23, 2020, when my school officially entered online schooling after the coronavirus had forced many countries into full lockdown. The Coronavirus, in case you’re reading this and aren’t aware, is a virus that has spread throughout the whole world. This virus doesn’t kill everyone it affects, but it spreads easily. While I wasn’t at risk of suffering from it, I still had to be careful. If I were to get it, there is a high risk that the people around me would get it too. Another issue is that you can spread it without even knowing you have it because symptoms might not show up before you are already contagious. This virus has a high probability of killing older people and people with certain diseases or breathing issues like asthma. All around the world many countries had to go into full quarantine. Even people without the virus are suffering. Many people are getting fired from their jobs and evicted from their homes. New York City has been on lockdown for more than 2 months now, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. 

Before quarantine, most of the day I was at school from 7:30 am to 3:50 pm. After this, I would go to the South Bronx tutoring which was from 4:00 pm to 5:45 pm. Later I would have soccer practice until 8;00 pm. All this work was exhausting and then when I arrived home I had to eat, take a shower and then go to sleep. Doing this every day was very exhausting, but once quarantine started, all of that went away. I had a lot of rest which was very much needed and at first, quarantine seemed good and peaceful. Once school started up again online, quarantine became repetitive and boring because every day was the same and all I could do was work for school. Other things I enjoyed doing like soccer and being active were no longer possible, and I started to get out of shape.

As quarantine continued, I started to see how it affected not just myself, but the people around me, including my family and my community at large. Many people like my mother lost their jobs. This hurt many families, especially those that only had one parent working and now had nowhere to receive income from. According to the news, more people in America were getting sick every day, and many of them were dying. Doctors are risking their lives every day to find a cure and help those that were already sick. People like my dad were going out to get groceries and other important stuff for every day life. By doing this there was a chance that one day my dad could have gotten the virus which could have led to my whole house catching the virus. This leads me to worry about my family’s safety every day.

There has also been a positive side to this crisis. Many people from my community and others are helping each other out and making sure most people in their community are able to stay safe and have food on their plates every day. For example, my teachers from school and tutors from SBU are doing so much to make sure that their students are safe and are able to stay on top of their education. This quarantine hasn’t been that bad after all. I have been able to play more video games, have more free time, and most importantly I have been able to catch up with my family. One would think that quarantine would bring out the worst in people, but in reality, quarantine has brought out the best in most people.