In a blink of an eye, my whole world turned upside down. 

Having to miss the last chance to create memories and play soccer with the U-19 girls who worked so hard has been difficult. Thinking about how Coach George had said “no days off” is really hard. Through soccer, I was able to dive into a different world away from distractions.

It’s not easy letting go of twelve years of sleepless nights, tears, and proving everyone wrong who told me I was never good enough to go to college. Since my early years in school, I was in honors and was frequently invited to awards ceremonies. My biggest supporter was my mom who always told me how proud she was of my accomplishments. It was the motivation I needed to set a high standard in my education. I wanted to walk across a stage to show her I was thankful for her support.

As a first-generation student, I hoped to fulfill my senior year by spending graduation with friends and family. However, the dream of doing so seems far away, because it was announced that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year. To me, it was like building a sandcastle for hours for only one wave to wipe it all down.

Then again, I think graduation is symbolic. It represents perseverance and proving to yourself that you can always achieve great things. It is more than a cap and gown.