Roshely in the Bronx

Hi, my beautiful people!

My name is Roshely Cipriano, and I am a current Junior at the Bronx School for Law Government and Justice. I am a 16-year-old student-athlete and I play soccer with South Bronx United’s girls U19 soccer team. I am a left midfielder and am happy to be a part of the SBU family.

Let me start off by saying how much I miss going to school, spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, and just being able to go outside without a second thought. Many things have changed not only for me but for the world as well. I miss my daily routine so much! COVID-19 took away many things that I had once taken for granted. I even miss getting ready for school, putting on my uniform, taking the 4 train, and getting breakfast from the bodega near the court in 161. My daily routine like any other junior in high school’s was very hectic. I would wake up very early, go to school for eight hours, and go to tutoring for two hours. I would then have practice for another 2 hours. I would get home super late and still need to finish either an essay or have to read the last few chapters of my textbook for a test I have the next day.

This year was supposed to be the most important year of my high school career, but instead of worrying about grades and my future in college, I am worried about my loved ones. As much as my family tells me not to worry, I am unable to think about the good things that are coming up for me. I’m having trouble reminding myself of the things I have to look forward to like applying for colleges, fixing my resume, asking for recommendations, and making memories with my friends. 

My schedule now is very different. Being at home can be extremely hectic. My brother and I are both taking classes online. Two of my older sisters are working from home, and another older sister is a nurse still working at the hospital. My Dad is still going to work as well. My household gets crazy with so many people coming in and out. I would never have imagined myself finishing this semester by taking classes at home with my family. It’s so hard to concentrate so I always have to find quiet places to study. The only way I can really avoid my family while I work is to put my AirPods on and get lost in my work. I finish early and find myself stuck with nothing to do and nowhere to go next.

I get tired of being on my phone at times, so I try to find ways to stay active. I am lucky to say that I come from a family that loves to exercise. My little brother does a great job of motivating me to workout. He works out daily with his academy team and finds time before or after school to get a 30-45 min workout with me. At times, I am surprised by how strong my little brother’s commitment, passion, and dedication to soccer is. Even though the world is slowly crumbling down around me, I admire my family for finding ways to still be motivated for a future that is not yet guaranteed. 

I believe a month has passed since things went downhill for everyone. I already adjusted myself to the life we are all living. Sadly, my days are longer, and at times I don’t have enough energy to even get up. I believe that this crisis has brought people together. Most people put their differences aside and realized that everyone needs support through these rough times. I witnessed a lot of beautiful moments during the quarantine! I have seen people delivering groceries for the elderly and my older sister found time to speak to her students’ family and support them. My other older sister’s mom’s boss made some masks for our family.

As much as this virus affected us both in good and bad ways, we need to stay safe and positive. Only go outside if you have to, and make sure you wear a mask and gloves if you do. We need to follow the protocol. I know everyone wants to go back to normality, but this can only be done with everyone’s help. Everyone should find ways to stay motivated for the future. I can not wait to one day look back and think of the time when we defeated this crisis. Life turned on us completely. Now, we need to learn to appreciate all the little things in life. I am looking forward to a new day where people can hug, be together, and just live life the way we are supposed to.