Pointing to SBU Logo

South Bronx United and is an organization that develops young talented footballers. South Bronx United is like a second home where everyone is welcome to join and be themselves without being judged. For me, SBU stands for support, balance, and uplift.

During this epidemic SBU has been making sure every student is on track with school and doing everything in their power to make sure every student-athlete stays healthy and is able to pass their classes.

SBU staff members successfully help students feel heard. They advocate for every student. Staff members support everyone by making sure we are able to adapt to the new way of learning in this hard time. Staff have been able to help us balance school and make sure we are all good in overcoming this epidemic.

Since the beginning SBU has been able to uplift many students by having team meetings and good things so students won’t shut down during this time. This  shows why we all wear the SBU shirt with love, pride and dignity. In a terrible time like this, we are shown to love respect and stay strong.

Being a part of SBU has taught me a lot. I hope when I am gone, the next generation of brilliant SBU kids learn the same because it’s an honor to be part of this amazing team I call family.