Even though all soccer programming has been put on hold indefinitely, we know that soccer still has a vital role in the lives of all our students. We want to make sure that we can create a guide for kids of all ages to still be able to practice and work on the game they love, even within the walls of their own home. Therefore, South Bronx United has been creating and implementing weekly soccer training plans for our SBU Academy, Recreational Soccer Program, and Global Youth League participants to follow. But this is not only limited to these groups of kids, as anyone and everyone is welcome to follow and use these resources and plans that are being used with our very own competitive teams to stay in shape and practice individual soccer skills. The following is a quick and easy guide behind each component of our soccer training plans that you can follow at home:

Activity 1: Fitness

The first part of our training plans always starts with a fitness drill that serves as a great way to get the body moving before jumping into our soccer activities. These drills are not necessarily specific to any soccer skills or areas, but serves its purpose of a warm up and being physically and mentally in tune with our body and mind. It similarly emulates warm-ups and fitness that happens in the beginning of an outdoor soccer practice. Video example here.

Activity 2: Individual Ball Work

What follows our fitness drill are soccer activities and work-outs that are specific and relevant to the soccer skills that we want our players to practice and master. In the circumstances of having to stay indoors and practice social distancing, these activities primarily focus on ball mastery, skills and techniques that improve the control of a soccer ball between both feet. Every week, we send in new skills and ball mastery activities that anyone can practice using the spaces of your own home. Furthermore, we ask that our kids practice these skills three different times during the week. The more one wants and is willing to practice these skills, the more development they will see over time. Video example here.

Skill of the Week!

Next, we choose and share a skill of the week. These are carefully selected signature moves that famous soccer players in history have done on the soccer field, that anyone can learn and practice on their own. From Cristiano Ronaldo, to Diego Maradona, to Johan Cruyff, all these skills introduced by world famous players take ball mastery to the next level, and can still be practiced within a small space. With enough practice, these are skills and techniques that can be mastered and even attempted with friends, teammates, or in an actual game in the future where we’d finally be back on the soccer field.

Game of the Week!

As a roundup of our training plan, we select and send a full video of a famous game from the past that our players can watch and enjoy in the comfort of their homes. It may not directly improve their own soccer skills, but it encourages them to continue to explore different areas of the game that sticks out to them as they continue their development and growth as soccer players. We also encourage everyone to do the same if they choose, to enjoy not just as a player but as a fan of the game as well.

Overall, the purpose of these soccer training plans is to continue the development of the kids in our program as soccer players, but also keep them engaged with the sport through physical activity and fitness. In an unprecedented time for the world right now, finding ways to stay active is crucial in maintaining positive physical, emotional, and mental health for everyone, no matter what age. Therefore, we highly encourage everyone to try out these training plans too. And if so, share your workouts and soccer skills with us on our social media platforms!

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To find all of our soccer plans and other COVID-19 resources, go to our website at: https://www.southbronxunited.org/covid19.