As a Development Associate working with South Bronx United, the AmeriCorps VISTA program, and Up2Us Sports, I have really learned what it meant to work for and serve a community/ I have enjoyed working with all of the people I have met and am grateful for all of the opportunities I have received. South Bronx United is a nonprofit organization that provides legal, academic, and soccer services for immigrant youth in the South Bronx. I find that it’s important that I feel I belong in my place of work, and I definitely do.

At this position, I have grasped many opportunities to be involved with the organization. I have taken a lead position in the Journalism Club (producing this online magazine), and I’ve also attended board meetings of the SBU Supporters Club. I’m also a committee member of the Play Proud group that strives to make the soccer field a safe space for LGBTQ+ members.

During the first three months, I have also taken the liberty of joining a book club. Taking advantage of life is something that I would recommend to anyone. What I mean by that is to grow outside of your comfort zone, create and build opportunities for yourself, and explore all that the world has to offer you.

My job also means researching and writing grants, outreach to potential donors, and searching for venues for the annual benefit. Learning how to ask supporters for monetary and in-kind donations started off as a struggle for me. I didn’t want to be too forward with potential donors, because I knew that maintaining a relationship with stakeholders is important and you want them to understand that the relationship with them is important, rather than just their donations.

Being a part of the SBU family has always been important to me, and I know that I have learned so much throughout my time with them so far. Whether it’s trying something new every day or making a point to take healthy risks and challenges that will benefit you in the long haul.