On January 10, 2019, 73 alumni and SBU Academy seniors and a diverse contingent of more than 30 professionals assembled for South Bronx United’s First Annual Alumni Career Networking Mixer. After welcoming remarks by alumnus Kafoumba Doumbia, professional attendees broke into panels representing the fields in which they work: business and marketing, communications and media, finance, health, law and criminal justice, public service, and technology. Throughout the evening, SBU alumni and seniors were able to rotate through the panels for roundtable discussions in which they could ask questions and get advice. Panelists were eager to share wide-ranging insight on everything from what to look for in an employer to finding work that you’re passionate about to how to meet the people that can open doors for professional development.

A tall stack of (obligatory) pizzas compelled everyone out of their roundtables and into the main auditorium for a lively networking mixer. As the evening wound down, alumni and seniors were able to sign up to be paired with professional mentors—it’s the first of several initiatives that SBU will develop over the next year to better support and engage with its alumni population.

Current alumni and Academy seniors who would like to sign up to be paired with a mentor, as well as any professionals who are interested in becoming mentors should send an email to Jessica Marroquin [jessica@southbronxunited.org] or Rob Boatti [rob@southbronxunited.org].

The event was graciously hosted by BlackRock. Pictures of the event can be seen on the South Bronx United Facebook page.