Every single one of our seniors has fought through their own personal struggles in order to hold a sealed envelope, telling them their hard work has paid off and they’re about to begin the next journey in their lives. Each student has left their mark on SBU and has worked hard to pave the way for the next group of graduates. We would like to take the time to recognize the students who have put in the effort to become changemakers and leaders of their community. Regardless of where they end up in the next four years, regardless of the new people they will meet, the new experiences they will have, and the new challenges they will face, we hope they remember that they will always remain a part of the SBU family and their legacies and stories will continue to be shared here at SBU.

The Class of 2018 graduates, listed with their college destination, each provided a message to next year’s Class of 2019:

Issac Amoako, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Rockshell Antwi, Wofford College “Everyone, as in players at SBU, joined for just one purpose, which is to bring out the very best out of themselves. You have to push harder in order to get what you are looking for after you graduate. The objective you set shouldn’t change.”

David Balderas, Purchase College “Always remember you have a home in SBU and they will guide you through. I know by experience that tutoring can be a handful, but TRUST ME, it is worth it. It helps you in so many ways it is hard to explain. College, though, is not the ending, it is just the beginning.”

Andrea Betoglio, Mercersburg Academy (Post-Graduate Year) “Senior year will be the hardest moment of your life. Make sure your time management is very organized. Always remember that tutoring will be beneficial and it will help you 100 times more than your actual school. The application process will be a ton of work, but it will be done before you know it. Even though it is your last and hardest year of high school, do not forget to have fun and live your final year as you should.”

Edgar Camero, Monroe College “Do not panic when you see how long the college applications are, just know you will get through it because you will always have help around you. You guys are going to have to put extra effort in everything you’re doing towards the college application. Senior year is no joke because it will come to an end faster than you think. You guys will face rejections from colleges, but that is why you are doing more than one college application so you can have many backups, so don’t put your heads down if you get knocked down.”

Teofilo Chavez, Morrisville State College “This is your last year of high school and my advice for you is to finish strong. Also, make good use of the SBU program because what they offer won’t be found at other clubs. From my experience at SBU, I can say that it’s the best soccer club because SBU focuses also on academics, like college tours and advising and college applications. This year you will have an amazing college advisor with the best tutors.”

Freddy Flores, LaGuardia Community College “At times, it’s going to be irritating because you have to be coming here on Monday and Wednesday and you have to finish all your work and finish all your college applications. Just keep it going and don’t give up.  Like, these tutors are here to help you and are taking their time to be here for you.”

Parvenu Kimpolo, Saint Peters University  “College might be the next step of your life, but make sure that you finish high school strong to start big. On that being said, you should take all the opportunities thrown your way. Apply to as many colleges and scholarships as possible and you won’t regret it a bit in the end.”

Jallah Konneh, Monroe College“Don’t let anything or anyone distract you from accomplishing your goals. At the end of the day, you are your own man and you make your own decisions. Stay focused and work hard then your dreams and goals will become true. Just want it as much as you want to breathe whether it’s graduating or becoming successful in life. A wise friend once told me that ambition goes a long way!!!”

Kalifa Kouyate, Morrisville State College “This program is really good, take advantage of it. I was playing at another club before I came to SBU and they did not have a great program like SBU does. They do not help you with college applications nor school work. All I got to say is take advantage of your opportunities.”

Hans Mensah, Morrisville State College “Becoming a senior brings a lot of responsibility and commitment. All in all, you should bring your “A” game at all times. Here are some things to remember: 1.) Be on time. 2.) Answer Jessica’s texts on time. 3.) Be ready to write, like, 20 essays. 4.) Don’t talk back or try to get into an argument with her or anyone. 5.) Be respectful of your teammates on both the field and in tutoring. 6.) Have a valid reason to miss tutoring. “I don’t wanna come” is invalid. 7.) Be positive and open. 8.) Be respectful to the tutors and any adult.”

Nancy Ordaz, College of Staten Island “Take advantage of the help you will be getting here in tutoring with SBU because they would always be here to guide you into the right college for you. The advice I would like to give to you is to always stay up to date on your college application deadlines. Enjoy your senior year because the next steps of your life would be a very important and a completely different experience than anything before.”

Keyla Pena, Bloomfield College “Make yourselves open to information. The club will guide you through the entire process but you must make sure that you put in an effort as well and meet them in the middle. Along with that, you must make sure that you take care of your responsibility. Last, but not least, you must remember to have fun as well, this will be your last year of high school.”

Miriam Tepale, Borough of Manhattan Community College “Enjoy every step of the way because once you realize that senior year is close to finishing, you’ll then want to stay, like I do, because I know that when going off to college I’ll be a mess without my mentor’s help. Don’t worry, just enjoy and cherish every step of your life, meanwhile, in South Bronx United, everyone is here to help.”

Francisco Uzhca, Borough of Manhattan Community College  “Seniors, make the best decision for college and to decide your best and never give up on your dreams, always be hungry on achieving your dreams.”

Dominic WrightBinghamton University “SENIOR YEAR IS NOT ABOUT ACADEMICS. It is about adjusting to growing up. Finding yourself. Learning about who you are, what you are good at, what you are not good at. Learning life skills. It will be stressful but it’s all part of growing up. EVERYONE feels the same way whether they voice it or not, so don’t stress too much. There is no try, there is only success or failure. BUT don’t be afraid of failing, don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and taking risks, making decisions on your own, learning to figure things out for yourself. Plus, you are all in safe hands here at SBU.”