Click on the image above to view the #Powerof11 Kick-off Video.

#Powerof11 is 11 days to raise $90,000 for South Bronx and immigrant youth! It is 11 student-athletes working together on the soccer field. 11 seats in the classroom. 11 mentors for at-risk youth. A team of youth from more than 11 different nationalities. This is the #POWEROF11.

On June 1st, 2018, SBU will launch its 2nd Annual #Powerof11 Campaign in which hundreds of grassroots supporters will band together to raise critical fund for SBU’s programs. The fundraisers, or Team Captains as we call them, have all committed to getting at least 11 people to donate at least $11 each. This year, we are hoping to surpass last year’s goal, aiming for $90,000. This goal includes $40,000 matching donations from the William E. Simon Foundation and other generous supporters. As an added bonus, if we reach our goal, we will be on track surpass $1 million in annual funds for the first time. This number alone opens SBU up to new funding and growth opportunities.

Thus far, we have already raised over $12,000 with 76 Team Captains, involving 184 people, and it is only the beginning.

When asked what #Powerof11 means to them, many students gave the same answer: Family. One student, Mohammed Konate said, “I joined SBU when I was 10 years old. My favorite moment in South Bronx United was the time I scored my first goal. It felt like I accomplished something. All my teammates came running towards me and it was the best feeling ever. A season or two later, I won the MVP and Scholar-Athlete awards. I was very happy, and my peers were happy for me.” It is the grateful attitudes like Mohammed’s that encourage SBU to keep on strengthening and expanding its programs, year after year, to guide more students like him.

No matter what their involvement is with SBU, Team Captains always have a wonderful experience. Max Rappaport and Lisa Arnold, who are volunteer coaches share their experiences here:

“We got involved with SBU two years ago because we love soccer and wanted to share the positive impact the game has had on our lives. We were already playing in our own league, but we wanted to do more. When we heard about SBU, we knew it was exactly the kind of organization we wanted to be involved with. The desire to pay it forward is what got us started, but the smiles on our players’ faces every Saturday is what keeps us coming back.

SBU’s mission to engage underprivileged youth through soccer really resonated with us and was an easy sell for the #POWEROF11 campaign. Everyone we’ve spoken to about the organization has jumped at the opportunity to contribute, so our approach has been to reach out to as many people in our network as possible. Our teammates, coworkers, friends, and family have been fantastic in helping us reach our goal, but we’re not done yet!”

The campaign will run until June 11th, raising funds to support the organization’s academic, athletic, mentorship, leadership development, health and wellness promotion, and immigration legal services for South Bronx youth and families. All proceeds will go directly towards SBU sustaining, strengthening, and expanding youth and community programs in the 2018-2019 year.

So, how can you show your support?

Donate Now and help us serve more than 1,200 children and youth this year, and ensure that 100% of SBU Academy students graduate high school and attend college!

SAVE THE DATE: Join SBU Team Captains and supporters for the #POWEROF11 Celebration and USA Watch Party on Sunday, June 17, 1:30pm – 4:30pm at Dewey’s Pub (135 W 30th Street New York, NY 10001)! At 2pm, Brazil will take on Switzerland in a World Cup Match!

Interested in supporting SBU though volunteering, coaching, or interning? Visit the South Bronx United website to learn more about these opportunities or email