An update on where SBU Academy Graduates are heading off to college this Fall!  Here’s the list:

Name School Commitment
Precious Agyeman-Badu University of Albany
Ramel Anderson SUNY Cobleksill
Evans Asamoah SUNY Plattsburgh
Gnim Bazim Kenyon College
Derrick Cordova College of Mount Saint Vincent
Abou Diaby Clarkson University
Xina Fajardo Hostos Community College
Jennifer Guzman Siena College
Cleefor Hernandez SUNY Plattsburgh
Miriam Hernandez Hostos Community College
Admir Jadadic Franklin & Marshall College
Matilda Kocaj Babson College
Jahirjary Lazaro Borough of Manhattan CC
Jeany Martinez SUNY Plattsburgh
Hamza Moudden Wabash College
Jesus Muniz SUNY Oswego
George Narvaez City College of NY
Abdel Ngoloure New York University
Daouda Nikiema Bronx Community College
Hyben Robles Hunter College
Abdoul Sangare Undecided (ASA College or Monroe College)
Suleman Sey John Jay College
Salim Sidique Southern New Hampshire University
Aminata Thiam College of Mt. Saint Vincent
Sherif Traore Borough of Manhattan CC
Junior Trujillo Borough of Manhattan CC
Geovani Urias City College of NY
Carlos Uzhca Borough of Manhattan CC
Mayra Zurita Undecided

Congratulations to all the SBU Seniors of 2017!

Aminata Thiam


“I’m looking forward to be able to grow and be part of a community and try to understand other people. I want to be able to get the college experience and be able to learn from it.” Aminata will be starting at the College of Mount Saint Vincent this Fall, where she plans to study nursing. Aminata was born in Guinea. She grew up in the Bronx, but also went back to Guinea for three years. Although she only joined South Bronx United this year, she will remember her trip to Virginia with the SBU Rising Stars fondly: “It felt so great because everyone was really working together as a team!” 

Jahirjary Lazaro

LazaroI want to major in writing. Ever since I was little, I loved to read and write. I just loved the feeling of writing stories and imagining everything in my head as I read. It’s fun for me.” Jahirary Lazard was born and raised in Manhattan and will be attending the Borough of Manhattan Community College this fall! Congratulations Jahirjary! 

Jeany MartinezJeany

“I was born in the Bronx, grew up in Florida and my family is from Guatemala. I can’t wait to start life in college and be independent.” Jeany Martinez looks forward to becoming a physician assistant at SUNY Plattsburgh this fall. 

Hyben  Hyben Robles

“I always liked physical therapy. I wanted to help people and thought it was interesting because there aren’t too many women in the field.” Hyben Robles on her hopeful major when she begins at Hunter College this fall. 

                       Daouda Nikiema


“My favourite thing about SBU is that they helped us with everything. I’m looking forward to studying business, trying out and playing soccer and meeting new people in college.” Daouda Nikiema is from Côte d’Ivoire. He joined South Bronx United in 2013 and will be starting at Bronx Community College this fall. 

Hamza Mouden


“I was born in NY, lived in Morocco for 14 years before coming back to New York 3 years ago. And I want to study electrical engineering. I was always interested in how things work and what was behind things like computers and phones – when I was a kid, I used to take them apart. I was curious about everything.” Hamza Mouden graduates from Manhattan Center for Math and Science and will be attending Wabash College in Indiana! He most looks forward to investing in and building lasting connections for the future when he starts college this fall. Hamza’s most memorable moment with SBU was the Cape Cod trip during his first year with the organization where he felt like his teammates became his brothers. 

Admir Jadadic


“I was born and raised in the Bronx. My favourite memory with South Bronx United was the trip to Cape Cod. It was more that just playing soccer. It was hanging out and fun with my team.” Admir Jadadic is majoring in business at Frankline Marshall College in Pennsylvania this fall. 


Suleiman SeySuleman

“My favourite memory with SBU was playing in the final last year. It was my first championship with SBU. Together we won three tournaments and one city cup. It’s then that I developed this confidence I have not to try and play soccer in college and professionally.” Suleiman Sey is from Gambia and is majoring in Sports Management at John Jay this fall. 

                                                Jesus Muniz


“I’m going to major in structural engineering. Math is my strong point; it comes easy to me. I’m curious to find out how things work and go together so it’s perfect.” Jesus Muniz is a New York native and is attending SUNY Oswego. Great job, Jesus! 

                                                                 Miriam HernandezMiriam

“I was born in the Bronx, but I’m from Mexico. My best SBU memory was my first game – I scored a goal!” Congratulations to Miriam Hernandez who will be majoring in early childhood developmental psychology and special education at Hostos. 

Junior TrujilloJunior

“I don’t know to be honest. South Bronx United is different because they treat you like #family. When you come to practice or you go to tutoring, everyone becomes more than just friends. It’s why I came back and they helped me grow into the person I am now.” Junior Trujillo on his favorite thing about SBU. He is majoring in criminal justice at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. 

PreciousPrecious Agyeman-Badu

“So I’m from Harlem, but I lived in Ghana my entire life. And I rep the #Bronx because I live here now.” Precious Agyeman-Badu is excited to be majoring in criminal justice at the University of Albany in the fall. 


Ramel AndersonRamel

“I’m from Jamaica. In college, I’m most looking forward to meeting new people in college from difference countries and cultures.” Ramel Anderson will be attending SUNY Cobleskill to major in Information Technology. 

George Narvaez

“I would have to say my favorite memory from SBU would be winning the East New York Arch Capital Cup two years ago. We Georgehad lost the year before so it was nice winning!” George Narvaez is deciding between mechanical and electrical engineering at City College where he will be attending in the fall. 

Cleefor HernandezCleefor

“I really like world journalism. You know those foreign correspondents? My major is going to be communications.” Cleefor Hernandez moved to the United States from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic when he was 10. This fall he will be starting his freshman year at SUNY Plattsburgh. 

Xina Fajardo

Xina Fajardo was born in New York and raised in Harlem, but she considers herself Xina“mostly Ecuadorian.” Both of her parents are from Ecuador. Xina is planning to start at Hostos Community College. She is interested in both nursing and business and hopes to figure it out over the next four years: “I’m actually looking forward to being independent and try to find myself. I guess I want to mature in my own way. I usually count on my parents so I want to follow my own way . I’m looking to become myself.”

Derrick Cordova

At the age of 15, without any family members, Derrick left La Ceiba, Honduras on a treacherous 2,000-mile trek to the United States. He followed in the path of thousands of other Central American youth, who were fleeing gangs, violence, and a lack of jobs and opportunities, to seek a better opportunity for themselves and their families. Derrick

At South Bronx United, his love for soccer enabled him to find family again and to gain the academic and social supports to overcome initial struggles in school. Derrick also led his South Bronx United team in scoring and will be competing on the men’s soccer team at the College of Mount St. Vincent this fall.

Derrick, 18, has been admitted to the College of Mount Saint Vincent on a full scholarship. “I’m studying nursing. My dream is to graduate and become a physical therapist so that I can stay involved in sports. I want to be able to help people. Back in my country the doctors were not that good. A good physical therapist could have helped a lot.”

 Gnim Bazim

Gnim Bazim joined SBU in 2010: “When I first came to South Bronx United, I was a reallyGnim@Benefit shy kid. I was someone who didn’t necessarily reach out and talk to many people.” “Two years ago, South Bronx United gave me a wonderful chance to attend a boarding school, Mercersburg Academy. I have travelled the world there. I have met people from all corners of the world. And it has helped me prepare for my next steps at Kenyon College next year.” His transfer to Mercersburg in Pennsylvania for his junior year of high school helped opened up many college options for him. He was born in Togo and moved to the Bronx with mother at the age of three.

He will now be attending Kenyon College on scholarship. He will also be competing for the school’s men’s soccer team. Gnim plans to study pre-law and hopes that he has set an example for future South Bronx student-athletes: “I hope other South Bronx United youth will follow my path.”

Sherif Traore

Sherif“When I first started SBU, I was shy. I didn’t know what I was expecting. I only came here two years ago. They helped me a lot whether it was in school or on the soccer field – all the great people that helped me from the beginning. I’m so thankful for that.” He will be pursuing engineering at Borough of Manhattan Community College this fall in hopes of building schools and hospitals in his home country of Burkina Faso.

Matilda KocajMatilda

Matilda Kocaj is heading to Babson College next year on a scholarship! Matilda earned this amazing opportunity as a Posse Foundation finalist. Several years after immigrating from Albania, who would have predicted this path?

Geovani Urias


“It would have to be my first game. We ended up winning, but it wasn’t about the game. It was only my first game and everyone was really welcoming and that’s when I knew I really liked these guys. I knew they were gonna be good teammates.” Senior, Geovani Urias on his favorite memory from his time with South Bronx United. He will be attending City College this fall.

 Salim SidiquSalime

“I moved to the Bronx on May 29, 2015 from Kumasi, Ghana. I live with my dad, stepmom, and six sisters. I’m the only boy. My mother still lives in Ghana. She is originally from Lebanon. I came here to have more opportunities and a better future. My experience so far has been great. Here there are a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds. You learn from them…. Playing soccer and getting into a great school has been the biggest opportunity for me here. I’m very excited to have a different kind of experience. It’s going to be fun–learning to live on my own. Its not easy to get into this school, and I’m lucky to have the chance thanks to soccer and SBU. This helped me make it to a good school and make something of my life.” Salim Sidique, 17, will attend Southern New Hampshire University this fall!

Evans Asamoah


Born in the United States and raised in Ghana, Evans says “both cultures helped develop me who I am today.” Inspired by his uncle, he wants to become a dentist and will be majoring in Biology at SUNY Plattsburgh this fall!