Gnim Bazim
Gnim Bazim has been part of South Bronx United for six years, joining the organization as a 12-year old. With the help of our Director of College Placement and Alumni, Tom DeMaio, Gnim is currently a senior at Mercersburg Boarding School in Pennsylvania on a full scholarship. In the Fall, he will be attending Kenyon College in Ohio – also on a full scholarship.

Gnim is originally from Togo, West Africa and emigrated with his parents to the Bronx when he was just three years old. He has one sister who is 12 years old and hopes to continue to be a positive role model and inspiration for her.  A friend recommended him to SBU, and he jumped at the chance to first join the recreational league.  He soon worked his way up to the travel team and SBU Academy.

As a young immigrant, he was very thankful to SoGnim Bazim3uth Bronx United for giving him the
chance to attend a boarding school, which increased his chances at getting into a great college. He says, “I prefer boarding school over the school I went to in the Bronx because I have teachers who genuinely care and, the smaller classes makes it easier to learn.” At Mercersburg, he has taken advantage of all the opportunities there are to ensure that he is living up to his full potential. He is currently the captain of the soccer and wrestling team, does track and field, is a dormitory prefect (similar to an R.A.) and is also a tour guide.

Regarding academics, he says “At first, I wanted to pursue medical field, but after taking a class and visiting the supreme court, I fell in love with history and the law.”  He now has an internship at a law firm in NYC this summer.

To him, his biggest accomplishment was getting a full scholarship to Kenyon College. Gnim truly embodies the student that we hope all SBU Academy students turn out to be. He places a great emphasis on school and his future and definitely makes time for some fun soccer games! And when he is not playing soccer or doing sports, he likes to watch movies and TV shows.

When asked what advice he would give to current SBU students, he says, “Sometimes it will seem hard to follow the daily routine of going to tutoring and then attending practice every week, but keep at it because in the end, it definitely pays off.”

His invGnim@Benefitolvement with SBU did not stop since he moved to Pennsylvania to attend Mercersburg. He volunteered as a tutor for the Summer Scholars Program for the past two years and was also the Youth Honoree at the SBU 5th Annual Benefit.

Overall, Gnim is very appreciative of all SBU has done for him over the past 6 years. “I want to give a big thanks to Andrew and Tom for helping me through the process of going to boarding school and soon – attending college. Everyone at SBU works hard for a good cause.”

Gnim Bazim will be attending Kenyon College in Fall 2017 on a full scholarship and will be playing competitive soccer.