Bronx, NY – Several students in the SBU Karen Barth Arts Program collaborated to create unique works of art to showcase in front of friends and family at the Urban Assembly School last week. They drew from their passion for soccer and love for South Bronx United to make several smaller art works and then one collaborative masterpiece. The program currently consists of approximately 10 students, but is open to kids in the travel program as well as the recreational program and is taught by Beata Drozd, an art teacher.

The masterpiece, shown above, consists of a collage of images and words that express the feelings and thoughts of the students. From their favorite soccer players to the SBU logo to the flags of their countries of origin, the work of art truly highlights each individual student in a unique way.

Sharif Diaoune, a 7th grader, described it: “This masterpiece represents all of us as a community and unites us. For instance, we drew a soccer ball, which connects all of us together. We were offered by our wonderful teacher Ms. B to add political topics, but we respectfully disagreed because our piece is about community, love and happiness. In the center is the SBU logo, which means a lot to us.”

Sharif Diaoune (right) and Joshua Sanchez (left), talking about the work or art.


Other students expressed similar feelings about the masterpiece they created. Chelsea Quito, the only high school student in the arts program, said that the experience she had making the art was especially important to her since it provided her with an outlet to not only express herself, but to also work with the younger students and be a positive role model.


The students are currently working on a project that they will eventually enter, for a chance to be showcased, in the BronxWorks Art Exhibition later in the year. They will all choose one inspirational word, express their own individual feelings towards that word in any form of art and then combine it into one final piece. Ms. Drozd, their art teacher, or Ms. B, as the students call her, was very proud of the kids for not only creating all the wonderful art works, but also for explaining them so eloquently to others the night of the Art Gallery.

IMG_2843 IMG_2879

Ms. Beata Drozd with her students in the Art Program.