Mamourou Kone (left) and Ayouba Swaray (right), two producers in the SBU Journalism Club.
Mamourou Kone (left) and Ayouba Swaray (right), two producers in the SBU Journalism Club.

BRONX, NEW YORK– The South Bronx United Journalism Club formed in the summer of 2015.  Throughout the Club’s first tenure, students conducted interviews, shot photographs, and designed print layouts. That fall, the South Bronx United Press published its first newspaper, which explored stories surrounding the South Bronx community and issues relevant to the students.

In January 2016, the South Bronx United Press reconvened to establish what theme they would explore for their next project.  As the country reeled from the beginning waves of the current presidential race, the students decided they wanted to share stories surrounding a contentious issue among the electorate:  immigration.

From January to May, the Journalism Club recorded interviews with people representing diverse nationalities and ethnicities. Their stories traverse various aspects of the immigrant experience.  By conducting, recording, and editing those interviews, the South Bronx United Press produced its first audio documentary.  The mission was to provide greater insight into the feelings and perspectives surrounding immigration. “We did this project to bring awareness to an issue that is affecting our community in the South Bronx. So with that in mind, we used the power of voice to make a podcast expressing the viewpoints of a diverse group of people, so people can be educated on a topic that heavily impacts many lives,” said ninth grade producer, Ayouba Swaray.

The producers’ work has culminated into the audio piece found below, which reflects the experiences of young immigrants moving to the United States as well as the perspectives New York residents have on the issue of immigration.  For the SBU summer program, the Journalism Club will attempt to explore other relevant narratives through photography.  You can learn more about South Bronx United and their mission to use creative methods as means for social change at



The Podcast was produced by Giselle Balvuena, Staisy Balbuena, Jammesyn Piggery, Momourou Kone, Ayouba Swaray, and Moriken Kenneh.  It was Edited by Sara Carter Conley.