Me (center) with my teammates Alexis and Isaac

by Angel Reyes, 13

Our U13 boys team “La Furia Azul” had a fun and challenging spring season. Our team was focused and determined to play hard through out the 10-game season. It wasn’t easy, but our team coach, Jvon had plans to improve and motivate us to become strong players. Our team had eight losses and two amazing games that we successfully won. It was rough losing, but as team captain, partnered with my co-captain, Mohammed Kouruma, we had pushed our team to think positively and play with confidence.  Since the first game me and my team have improved from the beginning to the last game of the season.

Aside from our losses, there were good things that happened. For instance our team was given an extra two minutes in the game against Chelsea Pier after we scored to tie the game two-two. We were focused on winning game when I got the ball from a kick-off and made a turn to a striker, Cisse. He was in the corner asking for the ball. I kicked the ball to him.  He shot the ball in the goalie box in front of four defenders.  GOAL!  The score was now three-two and the referee whistled the game to an end. Overall, It was a stunning game win by our team.

Warming up before a game in Brooklyn

I would have to say that my teammate who did his best this season was Alexis Vidal, the goalie of our team. For example, in another game we were tied two-two were determined to win. The ball was passed to a striker who was going to kick it past our goalie.  All of a sudden, Alexis ran to the striker and as soon as the player was about to shoot he passes and Alexis blocks the goal. It was an intense moment because the opponent’s pass had led us to believe that they were going to score.  All the same our team had won.

Another memorable moment came during the last game of our season.  We were losing 2-0 and caught up to tie the game.  In the end we lost 3-2 from what I think was an error made by the referee. But after the game ended, our coach saw the hard work we put in the game and that we never gave up.

Next year, besides winning, I want my team to work harder and think smarter so that we will become a better team!