Untying a Human Knot
Tyvon helping untie a Human Knot

My name is Tyvon Foster. I am entering my senior at Adelphi University majoring in social work. I am also a student athlete on the track and field team. I’m from Mount Vernon, New York. What I plan to do with a degree in social work to be a school social worker and have my own practice in mental health. It’s a long road before I get there, but here at South Bronx United, gave me and others the experience needed.

As a college student entering my senior year I found it to be imperative that I must hone my skills in the social work profession to make myself more marketable. Thanks to Adelphi University this wish had come true. I was introduced to South Bronx United, a program that uses soccer for social change with our youth. Being an intern at this non-profit organization has helped me advance my social work ethics in various ways. These ways include one on one interaction, developing and facilitating curricula, as well as becoming a mentor just to name a few. I am truly grateful that I have received an enriched experience in working at this organization.

However, the most rewarding experience was in working with the youth. They say the youth is our future and I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. With all of the negative influences that surround or youth in poor neighborhoods, it’s a blessings that we have people who care enough to reach out to these kids and give them structure instead of falling victim to the negative peer pressure.

What is even more rewarding is that opportunity to be the positive influence in the youth of today. Throughout the summer program, the kids have learned how to manage stress, what makes a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship, and the consequences of bullying just to name of few. It is amazing to see how much the children understand how everyone and everything around them can affect them and other people. They show a great understanding of empathy as well as emotional health.

What I learned from these kids is that success begins at a young age. Many of these kids are talented, intelligent, sociable, and even a bit of a comedian. I can say that after working with these kids I have hope that the future will be better than what it is today. Overall, the summer has been an amazing one due to my experience at South Bronx United.