I’ve recently started my position at South Bronx United. Such an honor and privilege, truly. It’s cool to think that I’m the first VISTA. I hope I can make a good impression and represent what Americorps is all about.

My name is Maya Pasini and as previously stated I’m a VISTA, or Volunteer in Service to America. I graduated from Michigan State University in June of 2012 and was sworn into Americorps in August. Now I live in New York City so far away from my Midwestern roots. So crazy for me to think about, still.

I feel as though not that many people know what VISTA or Americorps are. It’s good to know about us though since we’re everywhere, really. If you look closely, many non-profits have an Americorps or two (or three) helping out with things.

Americorps is basically a domestic PeaceCorps. It’s an organization designed to eradicate poverty in America. President Kennedy first proposed the idea for the organization and then President Johnson created Volunteers in Service to America in 1965. In 1993 VISTA was incorporated into Americorps. VISTAs work with non-profits to strengthen the community they are serving in.

With that being said, you must be wondering what my said strengthening duties are. As a VISTA, I’ll be doing a lot of “behind the scenes” things at SBU. I’ll be involved with grant writing, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and training, and forming partnerships with organizations. Thankfully though, I won’t always be at the office. You’ll find me on the field sometimes too, I promise.

I’ll fill you all in on what this year and Maya Pasini have in store in my next post. This is only my fourth day so I’m still getting used to NYC and SBU. I will tell you though, that my office work I’ve done so far is quite fun and the U14 girls game I watched on Sunday was very impressive. I wish I had the tenacity of the girls back when I played soccer. I need to post some videos, it’s great.

Can’t wait to share more, tune in for next time! 🙂